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Glad I'm not one of those, then: A blog that used to be a trans* based blog but is no longer a blog about that and is now a random 'I'll post whatever catches my eye when I see it and will click 'like' on the majority of it so I never end up posting much blog' ... blog.
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shoutout to my followers that stick with me even though i post a lot at once and then post nothing at all


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Had the honor of being photographed by today. Here is one for the spank bank.  (x)

Sorry I haven’t posted anything lately, I’ll endeavour to getting back on this tumblr lark soon, give it one more day and I’ll give you some fresh content. Mmmm. Fresh.

The main reason why I haven’t done anything is mostly uni work, but now that’s down the shitta I can focus on this. And I also never queue anything, so posts don’t show up while I’m gone. I like it to be more organic. So expect photos and diary entries and some butts and cats, rather than endless streams of stuff. I want my tumblr to be authentic. I’m not saying people who queue millions of reblogs are at all bad, I’m just saying I want you to know that when I post something, I do it individually, and with more sentiment in mind. Ok. That’s all. See you soon;

My face everyday towards everything ever

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